⚾️ 1st place on the line

Tough night for the Sounders in Sandy UT

Courageous Actions

Tonight I tried to order a drink at a recommended local restaurant and was told “that must be a Salt Lake thing, I am from Chicago and have never heard of a negroni”. It took everything in me to overcome the awkwardness of my decision to stand up and walk out of there, but I was strong and found a spot that new exactly what a negroni is. 🥃

Some people think Fremont is the center of the universe and some other people think this place is


prefunk, as you do

Summer dessert

Celebrating 12 months of kicking ass

🍲 is good medicine

Fettuccine tasting

So due

Favorite date night spot

I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name — It felt good to be out of the rain

🎾 ☀️

Bringing some courage to the court


Cool Customer

Doug and the dog